Privacy Policy takes your privacy seriously. We hope this statement will help you to understand what kinds of data and its partners collect and how we are using it.

What are web statistics, logfiles and cookies

As almost any website, the all-about-switzerland-websites and partner websites do use a variety of well-known internet technologies designed to collect data on user actions on these websites, including, but not limited to access statistics, logfiles and cookies. Depending on the browser software you are using, you may control whether your browser accepts cookies from a website, stores it on your computer and returns it. You need not enable cookies in order to access the content provided by

Website statitics and logfiles are not personalized information, but they do reflect what users are looking for on a website. For example they show how many times a single page has been seen, how many users have accessed the website coming from a search site, from another website or have entered the website address manually or used a bookmark. Other statistics show what browsers have been used to access the website and which keyphrases have been used to search for our content.

How we use statistical information regularly checks logfiles and website statistics as provided by our web hosting company. We use statistical data to improve the website by adding more or more detailed content according to the search keyphrases used and to eliminate errors like broken internal links or displaying errors specific to a certain browser software.

What is "Personal Information"

Personal information is information about you that can be used to identify you personally like your name, address, e-mail address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available.

What is "Personalized Information"

Personalized information is information about you that can be used to generate a user profile showing some of your taste or habits if combined with other information you have left on the web.

How we use "Personal" and "Personalized Information"

The all-about-switzerland-websites do not directly collect any personal nor personalized information whatsoever. We are neither using forms asking for personal information nor combining any information you might have left in cookies etc. with any other data sources in other ways than described above in "How we use statistical information".

If you should find a form asking for personal information you have either left our website following a link to another website or you might be victim of a phishing website simulating our website. Sole exception: e-mails or other forms of communication you are deliberately sending to the editor will be archived.

Under Swiss law, our hosting provider might be obliged to hand out "Personalized Information" to the legal authorities, however, in case of strong suspicion that the use of or links shown on our websites might be related to criminal offenses under Swiss law - like fraud, publishing racist content etc.

How our advertizing partners use "Personal" and "Personalized Information"

Some of the all-about-switzerland pages do contain advertising by partners (third parties). Most advertisizing partners will broadly use advanced data collection technologies like standard and DoubleClick DART-Cookies, web beacons and/or third-party-cookies and they are likely to combine information collected on with information collected on their own websites and even on other websites including the websites of major e-mail service providers and social networks. They might also ask for "Personal Information" and combine these with "Personalized Information" collected on our or other websites.

Insofar as ads on are delivered by and its partners, you may opt out of some forms of google's use of "Personalized Information", see google privacy center

What this privacy policy covers

Our privacy policy only applies to websites. This policy does not apply to the technologies and practices of companies that does not own or control, nor to people that does not employ or manage.

Advertizing partners have their own privacy policies which may be viewed on their websites. declines any responsibility for the privacy and security policy of third parties including advertizing partners.

Foreign jurisdiction

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties or the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidential or consequential damages. Therefore the author does not consent to the use of his websites and to following provided links by anyone living under or referring to such jurisdiction.

Only Swiss Law is applicable.

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